• Farmville Help
    Farmville Help

    Do you like playing Farmville on Facebook? I know I do. I have done a good deal of work to find out what is the best way to play this game to gain levels and to make money. I use this site to share the work that I have done, as well as let others share their own tips and tricks on how to play Farmville. Feel free to leave comments and ask questions. Find what your looking for under "Farmville Guides" on the far right of the screen.

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  • 2009's Hottest Toys of the Season
    2009's Hottest Toys of the Season

    Twilight Merchandise
    Because this movie was such a cult hit, I believe there will be Twilight related merchandise on many Christmas lists this year.

    First, there is the The Twilight Saga Collection. Each individual book is about $15 for hardcover. This set is regularly $83, but it's on sale for $49.30.

    And of course, the jewelry items. I've seen a lot of teenagers already wearing these. Below are some pictures of the jewelry items. To view all the available items, go HERE.

    I believe these are going to be popular come Christmas. Especially with New Moon coming out shortly.
    They will be releasing Barbie Bella, Barbie Edward on November 1, 2009, and in stores now is a Edward/Bella 7" set. The set of the two of them looks more like the original characters, although Bella looks older than a teenager. The "barbie" set, looks like barbie with the Twilight clothing. Any of these would be an exciting find for collectors or kids who like "action" figures. My daughter isn't old enough for Twilight, but she loves the Barbie Bella because it's rare to find Barbie with brown hair and she wants a Barbie that looks like she does. As for the teenage girls, they may enjoy the pair, but I believe most kids who play with Barbies will be younger than the crowd that enjoyed this movie. If your Twilight fan is a collector, then these will fit right in with the movie, books, jewelry, bookmarks, posters, and other merchandise items.

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  • Amazing Facts

    Amazing Facts
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  • Updates I have decided to clean up the directory. I have made it more SEO friendly, included screen shots of your blogs homepage and I will be deleting anyone who does not have a link to this site or any blog who has not been updated in the past 3 months. This was not my plan when I started this directory, however people have begun to drop their links to us, and other blogs have become inactive, which is hurting this sites ranking. Which then drags down all the other blogs that are following the rules. This is for the best.

    From here on all new blogs will have screen shots posted. If you have your blog listed here and it does not have a screen shot just leave a comment requesting for your screen shot to be added.


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